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Organized Traveling Made Easy

Destination Weddings

Vow Renewal/ Anniversary 
Engagement and Treasure Hunt 
SPORTS and EVENT Packages
Custom Itinerary Planning

Destination Wedding, Honeymoon or Romantic Escape

Easy, Casual, Fun! We LOVE Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, Babymoons & Vow Renewals!

Our personalized Easy Care Travel Plan includes:

  • Personalized Recommendations for Location

  • Personalized Recommendations for Resort Options

  • One on One Service to Coordinate Guest Reservation Details

  • Group Incentives (Free Rooms & Events)

  • ​Easy Payment Plan for Guests

  • Working with Venue/Ceremony Coordinator


Vow Renewal, Engagement, Anniversary, Treasure Hunt Itineraries

We can build a vacation around your special event and include all services.  We have personal relationships with our local contacts, years in the making.  They offer my agency exclusive packages unavailable to other agents and these services are a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay the resort directly. We also have a professional photographer available in certain destination venues, saving you hundreds. We can also plan your excursions in advance, even those custom to your party. No one else will have the experience you create with us.


Transportation, Excursions, and other Services

From Mexico and Punta Cana to Costa Rica, we offer excursions and private transportation. Let us take all the stress and time to plan away from you while you relax with a Pina Colada and dream of whats to come. Just tell us what you dream about and we can provide options for every budget. Want a Private Photographer but don't want to pay the hundreds that they charge? Are you afraid they won't provide great quality? Stop wondering and worrying, The Travel Gals get results!


Sporting Event & Special Event Packages

Score Big with Sporting Event and Special Event Packages
What is a spectator sporting event package?
Package components usually consist of hotel, event tickets and ground transportation. Added value items may be included. We provide packages to the major events in each category:
Super Bowl – Daytona 500 – Kentucky Derby – Final Four– NASCAR – Mardi Gras
We offer SPECIAL EVENT packages too. If you want to be there, we can make it happen. We can add air to any event and customize an experience just for you!

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